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Crea Hoteles - Benalup-Casas Viejas -

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Hotel in Benalup-Casas Viejas

Get to know the wonderful Utopia Hotel**** of Crea Hoteles, a charming hotel located in the mountains of Cadiz, in the historic and privileged white municipality of Benalup - Casas Viejas, just 30 minutes away from the nearest beaches. Fall in love with the decoration theme inspired by the 1930s and take yourself back to the past by living unrepeatable moments in this unique hotel. The complex, distinguished by the 3 red houses of the Michelin guide, is divided into beautiful gardens, corridors, terraces with outdoor swimming pool and small traditional white houses of the area, they will give you the feeling of being in a real village without leaving the hotel.

Enjoy haute cuisine with the best shows in our cabaret restaurant La Fonda or a pleasant evening in our courtyards. Enjoy our fantastic facilities during your stay. The Utopia Hotel offers a select variety of 16 themed rooms with different ambiances and capacities. Live a dream experience in Cadiz and relax for a few days at the Utopia Hotel.

Book now through our Official Website and enjoy the best price guaranteed!

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Crea Hoteles

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